Mission Statement

More Than Child’s Play (MTCP) is a not-for-profit charitable Family Resource Centre.  Since 1986, we have been providing many needed services to the parents, caregivers and children in the Parkdale area.

“MTCP strives to meet the diverse needs of parents and children in the local community.  MTCP provides support services and information resources to parents, caregivers and children which encourage optimal social, emotional, and physical development in an environment of equality, security, and harmony”.

We Believe …

MTCP believes in providing a space for parents, caregivers and children where every person is treated fairly and respectfully.  We believe that every family has the right to participate in programs offered by MTCP without discrimination.  We are committed to providing programming that is culturally appropriate and racially sensitive. The content of all programs and services reflects the diversity of our communities, their cultures, experiences and challenges.